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Electrical Services & More in Broward County, FL

We offer a full range of electrical services for both residential and commercial properties in the South Florida Area.
Electrical Installation
Electrical Installation

We provide complete electrical installation services using top quality materials and the industry’s best practices to ensure safety, reliability, and energy efficiency for your home or commercial building. We can help upgrade older systems and also add electricity to remodels or add-ons.  
Electrical services in Broward County, FL
Electrical Repairs

As trouble-shooting specialists, we help assess and remedy all types of electrical malfunctions caused by incorrect, backstabbed, or deteriorated wiring, loose connections, burnt fuses, and overloaded circuits. Issues like these can result in unreliable, inconsistent power supply and also poses unnecessary risk of fire or even electrocution. We also repair receptacles and switches. 
Electrical Installation
Panel Upgrades

Many factors can affect your panel’s performance and capacity such as an increase in the demand on your panel from an addition to your home or increasing the number of electrical appliances. Older panels can also get contaminated by water, paint or other corrosives. Upgrading the panel in your home will ensure you’re getting the maximum out of your electrical system and help avoid electrical hazards.  
Electrical Installation
Safety Inspections

When buying a home or business, it’s critical that you receive a thorough electrical inspection to help you negotiate a fair price and, most importantly, make sure the occupants will be safe. Let us perform a thorough inspection of your entire electrical system.  
Electrical Installation
Indoor Lighting

We install and repair of a wide range of indoor lighting fixtures including chandeliers, pendant, track, recessed, and wall sconces. We can also add dimmers or timers to your lighting.  
Electrical Installation
Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans add beauty and comfort to your home. Whether you need an old fan replaced or want to add one to a room, we can help you save you money and time with our quick and professional installation.  
Electrical Installation
Landscape Lighting

We repair and install creative lighting solutions to provide dimension, ambiance, and safety to your outdoor space.  
Electrical Installation
Security Lighting

Installing security lights can help protect people and property in your home or business. We can evaluate and identify security light needs for your indoor and outdoor areas.  
Electrical Installation
Smoke and CO2 Detectors

Properly placed and well-functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can protect against injury or even death. We can test, repair, and install these important safety features to your home or business.
Electrical Installation
Custom Automation Systems

Program your lights to turn on at a specific time everyday or create the right mood in your home. We provide expert design and install of automation solutions using state of the art technology to give you the ultimate control of your lighting systems. Enjoy the luxury of an automated lighting solution with a remote control, mobile phone, and even the internet.
Electrical Installation
Generator Installation

An automatic back-up power source safeguards critical systems such as lighting, alarms, computers, refrigerators and medical equipment can all operate safely and reliably. A back-up generator can help avoid unnecessary interruptions important to your family and business. 
Electrical Installation
Commercial Services

We provide professional electrical service and repairs for commercial clients all across South Florida. We understand that any delay or interruption in your electric service can become a loss of productivity and revenue, and we are experts when it comes identifying your problems and finding solutions quickly.
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